Renew Your Certification With Zero Hassle

Get medical marijuana recertification services in Pittsfield, MA

Is your medical marijuana card about to expire? You can easily update your yearly marijuana certification at Berkshire Cannabis Connect in Pittsfield, MA. We'll walk you through the same checkup as your original appointment and send you on your way with a new certification that'll last another year. Reach out to us today to make a medical marijuana recertification appointment.

Getting recertified is a breeze

Returning to us for your medical marijuana recertification instead of seeing a new doctor will make the process much easier. We'll ensure you have a pleasant appointment by:

Operating in a timely and considerate manner
Addressing any questions or concerns you have
Using your medical history we already have to simplify things

You can make an appointment or walk in to update your yearly marijuana certification. Call us now at 413-344-4060 to schedule an appointment with our helpful specialist.